What is NDV?

New Dublin Voices is an international-award-winning chamber choir based in Dublin, Ireland. Since 2005, Bernie Sherlock and her New Dublin Voices have delighted in performing both melancholy ballads and lively jigs, embracing an Irish choral tradition dating back to the mists of time. In addition to this rich heritage they take special pleasure in exploring the music of living composers, who bring new languages and sounds to the passion of Irish music. From medieval to contemporary, a palette of pure emotion.

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Last night was the first rehearsal back after a short summer break which means… the NDV 2014-2015 season has officially begun! It seems like it was only yesterday that we had our final concert with the Irish Composers Collective. And … Read More

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    26839140festival-polyfollia1 Polyfollia tour in Sanit-Lo, France
    The Polyfollia project arose from an observation: choral art is too often little-known and goes unappreciated by the world’s music promoters of the world as well as by the general public, both in France and abroad. Choral singing is the … Read More

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